42 Ice Wine

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This wine is dessert by itself. Available in 375ml bottles only, a little goes along way. Ice Wine is a sweet and rich wine made from grapes left to naturally freeze on the vine. The frozen grapes were then gently pressed, yielding a concentrated juice from which the wine is made. The nose and the taste is that of ripe peaches, mango apricots, honey, raisins, and a hint of violets. While the finished wine is actually sweeter than the grape juice of a normal harvest, the sweetness is matched to a mouthful of fruit flavors that just won’t quit. Note: this wine is only available in a 375ml bottle.

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8 reviews for 42 Ice Wine

  1. judy

    Amazing! My favorite wine!

  2. Nichole (verified owner)

    By far my favorite wine ever! Very fruity.

  3. Jenna

    I absolutely love this wine! It’s so good it’s sweet and fruity tastes great!

  4. Gianna Jackson

    I drink the bottle on 5/5/2016 and I am hooked it was absolutly the best! Very sweet and fruity.

  5. Lisa M.

    Had a sample at the store and fell in love. Bought 4 bottles. Looking to buy more! Very very good. Sweet and fruity! Love it!

  6. Jyc

    I enjoyed every drop of it. Love it!

  7. Carla

    So good. Sweet and smooth. My favorite wine ever.

  8. Julie Burnworth

    I fell in love with this wine from the first sip!

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